Joerns P.R.O. Matt Plus Convertible Air Foam Mattress, PMP3684NZBA-ES2

$ 2,006.40

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The head zone is static and comprised of high density foam to optimally support the patient and provide comfort. The shoulder, torso, and foot zones are comprised of air/foam cells. The inner air core automatically adjusts to each patient's body profile and weight. Visco elastic foam topper provides maximum pressure relief, patient support and increased comfort. Foot section provides excellent heel pressure relief. Surrounding firm perimeter provides stability during patient care and contributes to patient safety by eliminating gaps between frames and siderails. Automatic re-inflation of air zones through P.R.O. technology when patient is not on mattress. Therapy cover is made with a low shear, low friction material that is treated with an antimicrobial to protect it from the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Comfortable zippered therapy pad is fluid proof and vapor permeable and aid sin the prevention of friction and shearing. Custom P.R.O. assembly ensures the mattress always stays optimally inflated, requiring no adjustment or manual inflation. Mattress System, ES Control Unit, Nylon Cover, 36"W x 84"L x 7"D, Estimated Lead Time 3-10 Business Days

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