Coldstar Reusable Instant One-Side Insulated Cold Pack, 20210

$ 22.45

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Reusable. Use in first aid treatment of bumps & bruises, sprains, factures, minor burns, snake bites, insect bites, minor bleeding, nosebleeds, headaches, toothaches, fever, backaches, sunstroke, dislocations, fatigue, itching, cramping, etc. Squeeze, shake, apply. Instantly cold. Reaches therapeutic controlled temp every time. Safe, non-toxic, no frostbite. Insulated on one side, energy is retained for longer periods of time and is focused on the application site, not on the hand holding the pack. Cold Pack, Instant, Insulated One Side, 5" x 7", Reusable, 48/cs, Estimated Lead Time 3-10 Business Days

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