3M™ PICC/CVC Securement Device + Tegaderm™ I.V. Advanced Securement Dressing, 39-2100K01

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3M™ PICC / CVC Securement Device + Tegaderm™ I.V. Advanced Securement Dressing

PICC / CVC Securement Device + Advanced Securement Dressing

3M™ PICC/CVC Securement Device + 3M™ Tegaderm™ I.V. Advanced Dressing is a sutureless securement system that provides securement without sacrifice.


  • Single package with securement device and securement dressing
  • Sutureless securement balances reliable adhesion with gentleness to skin
  • Designed to be worn for up to 7 days
  • Skin-friendly materials improve comfort and mobility
  • Accommodates the majority of PICC and CVC catheters up to and including 12 French
  • Eliminates the risks and costs of suture-related needlestick injuries
  • Easy to apply and remove

Suggested Applications

  • To secure Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC's) and short term Central Venous Catheters (CVC's):
  • Brand - Tegaderm
  • Condition - I.V. Related
  • Department - Cardiovascular, Emergency, Home Care, Home Infusion, Long-Term Acute Care, Long-Term Care, Medical-Surgical, Oncology, Operating Room-Surgery, Out Patient Infusion, Pediatrics, Radiology, Urgent Care
  • IV Related Condition Type - CVC Short-Term, PICC
  • Latex - No
  • Length - 4 Inch
  • Length (Metric) - 10 cm
  • Width - 6.125 Inch
  • Width (Metric) - 15.5 cm
Package Insert PICC / CVC Securement Device + Tegaderm™ IV Adv Dressing IFU (PDF, 424.3KB)

Dressing Change Kit Includes: Tegaderm™ with CHG & Device, Cavilon No Sting Barrier, 4" x 4" Gauze, BioPatch® Disk with CHG, Gloves, Mask, Measuring Tape, ChloraPrep® 3mL Applicator, Alcohol Swabstick & 17" x 19" Wrap, 25/cs

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